Jul 14, 2016

18 - What Is Kink?

An episode about kink!!!  This episode we talk about kink.  What it is.  How we've seen those in the lifestyle deal with it.  And we talk about how it impacts the hotwife life & acceptance.

We also share a NEW benefit of being a Patron in addition to the special things you already enjoy!  And it has to do with Periscope, so be sure to listen for that.  And there is also more Patron content coming in the future, that we're working on right now.  We can't wait to share it with you.

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Rachel & Keegan

Jun 21, 2016

17 - First Threesome With 2 Guys

The long awaited story about the first time I slept with 2 guys and Keegan wasn't involved, well, in an active way.

You, our dear listeners, asked for a story, so we decided to start off with this one.

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Enjoy the episode and we'll see you in July!  Play with no shame!

Rachel & Keegan

May 13, 2016

16 - Budding Hot Wives

Rachel and Keegan discuss the fallout of telling someone that we're swingers.  Thank you Chippy!

J & K wanted to know about resources for couples who are interested in the hot wife life and tactics to just starting out.

Hotwife937 asks about Rachel's instant messaging/social media use.

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Next episode we'll be sharing a hot experience Rachel had with a couple of guys and Patrons will get a pic or two of the action.

Thank you for listening!

Rachel and Keegan

Apr 18, 2016

15 - Finding Men and Open Marriage Challenges

We answer two listener letters about how we find men and the challenges of being the male-half in an open marriage.

We've had a heck of a time getting studio access, so we apologize in the delay in getting this next episode out.  Thank you for all of your support and please contact us with any questions or requests you may have.  You all are truly wonderful.

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Rachel (and Keegan)

Mar 21, 2016

14 - Weeding Out The Assholes

One of the most-asked questions we've received throughout our years in the hot wife lifestyle is "how do you weed out the assholes?" 

In this episode we talk about exactly that!

A huge digital hug and kiss to Hopper for the wonderful topic.  Both Keegan and I wish you nothing but fun and body-shaking adventures!

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We hope you enjoy this episode!

Rachel and Keegan

Mar 4, 2016

13 - Raw Confessions


We bring you a special episode this time. All the stars and moons aligned as I got to meet a guy on the same day we planned to record. What you get to hear in this episode is Keegan and I talking through the experience of meeting a potential Dom playmate. It has always been my desire to help other women, other couples, who are interested in the "hot wife" lifestyle and we think this episode is a great example of how we talk about guys, us, and sex. We also talk some safety tips & how to get me drunk.

Also, we broke into the Top 100 of the 'Sexuality' category on iTunes!!! We haven't released an episode in a month because we don't have our own recording space (you can help us change that by becoming a Patron) so we've dropped out since then, but it was a nice few days to see us that high. You get exclusive content and you get it commercial-free and early. Thank you for all of your emails and suggestions! We'll be getting to those as quickly as we can.


Rachel & Keegan

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Feb 10, 2016

12 - Finding Your Own Feet

We're in the Top 200 on iTunes thanks to the wonderful support and interest from the community!  You all know how to make a girl feel special.

In this episode we explore so many things about the evolution of our swinging and we get into a listener letter and celebrate their journey!  

We have advice for thinkers and Stamina Kings as well.

And we talk about how being a Hot Wife is actually a life STYLE.

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Jan 20, 2016

11 - Want A Slut Wife? Communicate!

This was a fun followup to last episode with Mr. TSM.  Do you really want your partner to get into swinging?  Good!  Everyone should, in our opinion.  :)  We help you understand just how you can do that.

We also talk about how past experiences can screw up current play, sky-diving and polar bear plunges and bareback. 

Guys, you're even given a homework assignment for the first time ever.  


Jan 7, 2016

10-Meet Mr TSM

You asked for it and you got it, Mr. TSM joins me in this episode!

In response to overwhelming interest to hear his perspective, I brought him on the show and we had a great chat about his introduction to swinging, a turning point in our swinging, the role of porn and communicating through fantasies.

As financial supporters of the show get extras in this episode.  They'll get better as we learn what we're doing but, hey, we all start somewhere, right?  

Enjoy & remember, there is no shame in playing the game.


Dec 18, 2015

9 - Reboot


A quick show update....and it's all good news!


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