13 - Raw Confessions



We bring you a special episode this time. All the stars and moons aligned as I got to meet a guy on the same day we planned to record. What you get to hear in this episode is Keegan and I talking through the experience of meeting a potential Dom playmate. It has always been my desire to help other women, other couples, who are interested in the "hot wife" lifestyle and we think this episode is a great example of how we talk about guys, us, and sex. We also talk some safety tips & how to get me drunk.

Also, we broke into the Top 100 of the 'Sexuality' category on iTunes!!! We haven't released an episode in a month because we don't have our own recording space (you can help us change that by becoming a Patron) so we've dropped out since then, but it was a nice few days to see us that high. You get exclusive content and you get it commercial-free and early. Thank you for all of your emails and suggestions! We'll be getting to those as quickly as we can.


Rachel & Keegan

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