Jun 15, 2017

28 - Important Show Update


An important show update. If you would like to contact us we have discontinued the website but you can still reach us at thehotwifelifepodcast@gmail.com .


Thank you for your love!

Mar 15, 2017

27 - Insecurity or Bullshit?

We hope March has your sex life roaring! Our isn't too shabby either and we're both really looking forward to the upcoming spring! We're so happy to bring you a new episode where we talk about having "the talk" about becoming a hotwife couple and we analzye if a listener's situation is about his insecurities or her bullshit.
If you have a question or request please reach us at thehotwifelifepodcast@gmail.com or thesouthernmilf@gmail.com.
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Rachel and Keegan

Feb 3, 2017

26 - Keegan’s Favorite

We've got a new episode for you where we talk about Keegan's favorite hot wife experience! We also give tips to any guys invited to gangbangs and Rachel eats crow!
Patrons get 13 minutes of exclusive content! This time it's funny & educational!
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We hope you are having a wonderful winter and that you're enjoying these episodes. We sure enjoy all of you listening! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Rachel & Keegan

Dec 30, 2016

25 - Having THE Talk

Happy holidays to all our fans! We hope this festive season finds you well and that you're surrounded by love, happiness and tons of dirty, dirty, sex!
In this last episode of 2016 we talk about the talk -- those talks you have to have with your partner(s). It's a lot of fun and we hope opening our lives like this will help many of you explore in your own way and open doors to lifestyle fun you've always wanted to enjoy.
Patrons got 10% more content, including another private chat between just us and you. They'll also get to vote on a Poll coming out next month to determine what special you'd like from us. Right now we're thinking either audio sex tape from one of my adventures or a short story written by Keegan. They'll let us know when the Poll goes up (once we figure out how to build one) & then they'll be able to enjoy it, just like you could if you become a Patron at https://www.patreon.com/hotwifelife.
We will be back in 2017, don't you worry. Thank you for all of your kind messages and notes and we hope we've brought you a year's worth of awesome content that you will enjoy for years to come.
We'll see you in 2017!
Rachel and Keegan

Nov 20, 2016

24 - Quickfire Questions

This episode we cover questions from listeners in quickfire succession! It's a lot of fun.
We cover Keegan challenging Rachel on as many emails as possible on:
- Cuckholding
- Boyfriends
- Mics
- Shutting down your brain
- Lifestyle
Patrons got an additional 20 minutes of content! Please consider supporting the show today at www.patreon.com/thehotwifelife.
Have a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving (for those of you who celebrate it)!
Rachel and Keegan

Oct 30, 2016

23 - Lull


Hi y'all!  Happy Halloween! Well, almost! 

We're back to talk about swinging couples experiencing a lull in their play.  What it is.  What is does.  How to handle it.  And how it isn't a bad thing.

We also give our Patrons 11 minutes of exclusive content that will never be publicly released. Do you want to become a Patron, to support the show and get benefits for doing so?  You can!  Just head over to www.patreon.com/thehotwifelife and select a level that you're comfortable with.  Thank you for the amazing people who do help us keep bringing this show to the world for free.  We're all creating a sex positive world with each and every episode!

Thank you to @HotWife937 of Twitter fame for such wonderful support ... again!

We love all of your for such wonderful support!!!

Thank you!!


Rachel & Keegan

Sep 26, 2016

22 - Hot Date Debacle

Happy Autumn!!  You enjoyed episode 21, now find out what happened after we stopped laughing and shaking our heads at the emails we received.

Sometimes even experienced swingers screw it up, and we let you know that we're not perfect either!

Patrons, thank you again for you messages and support.  We adore you!  

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Rachel and Keegan

Sep 13, 2016

21-The Craigslist Debacle and Hashtag Dickpic

Warning, this episode will make you have a car accident, trip while you're jogging, or disrupt the quiet cubicle life at work if you dare listen in those situations.  We wanted a new adventure and decided to use Craigslist to help us.  The results were ... comedic.  This is possibly the most fun we've ever had on this show; you will literally get to hear Keegan giggle at a few points!

Our lovely Patrons get 10 extra minutes of us right at the beginning--if you listen here and not on those public podcatchers.

A huge thank you to @candaforfun and @hotwife937 of Twitter for helping us spread the word about the show.

Also, we mention we hit our $100/episode goal in this month's episodes but we've sadly lost one of our Patrons since then and have fallen short.  But, no fear, we're still tucking away every penny so we can do this in our own studio some day.  We would like to thank our Patrons for supporting us.  If you'd like to support us and get more access to us, please consider becoming a Patron at (http://www.patreon.com/hotwifelife).

Please also leave us a rating on iTunes or wherever you listen.  Thank you!

We hope you have as much fun listening to this as we had making it.  

As always, play the game with no shame!

Rachel and Keegan

Aug 15, 2016

20 - Program Update

We hope you're having an absolutely sexy summer!  We are still here and still enjoying life and staying sexy and we hope you are too.

This is just a quick note to let you know that we're still here.  Summer time is crazy for us (like many of you, we imagine) with family responsibilities and vacations and fitting work in there somewhere and we haven't been able to get the studio time when we need it.  We have three amazing shows ready to record and we'll do that as soon as we can, we promise.

In the meantime we just wanted to get this to you and thank you for your listenership!  We're absolutely humbled by all of you and your kindness and we can't wait to get a few more episodes out for you to enjoy. 

We're currently $1, away from reaching our first Patreon goal.  If you love what we do, please consider supporting us at (https://www.patreon.com/hotwifelife)

Until you hear from us again, remember, there's no shame in how you play the game.


Rachel and Keegan

Jul 27, 2016

19 - Benefits Of Being A Hotwife

We are releasing this episode a little early because we'll be traveling next week and don't want to make you wait until August to hear this episode.

In this episode, Rachel starts a football war, we discuss what and why Rachel and Keegan enjoy about the hot wife lifestyle, how to get caught having an affair and much, much more.

We thank all the new Patrons and those who have taken the time to rate & review us on iTunes and those on Twitter who retweet our requests during broadcasts and more!

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With our vacation it will be a little while until you hear from us again but, wow, when you do you are going to love what we're going to have for you.  Be prepared to cry, shake your head and laugh your ass off!    For $10 and more Patrons, we are going to try to sneak away from family and Periscope at some point during our vacation.  Make sure you listen to the introduction in the PATRON version of the show so you know how Rachel can reach you.

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Thank you for all of your amazing support!  We love you all!

Rachel and Keegan 

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